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What Clients have said...


"I have been seeing Stephanie for a couple of years, I have taken a few of her workshops, complete 3 levels of Reiki with her, and had her Intuitive Reiki and IET sessions, she is amazing. A gentle, gracious, and kind lightworker. I cannot express enough how in tune she is with my energy and emotion. I am proud throughout our experiences together to now call her my friend. If you have contemplated having a Reiki session contact Stephanie, you will leave lighter and enlightened."

Carol B, Brockville, ON

After an empowering New Leaf Wellness Workshop or class:

“Like many people, I've spent a lot of time looking for answers or insight. When I attended the Unveil Your Authentic Self seminar, I can honestly say that unlike countless teleseminars or books that gave me only small fleeting glimpses into the nature of self, this time I found some answers. Together, Stephanie and Kelly create a safe and positive space and bring such complimentary gifts to the workshop that I challenge anyone to come away unaffected by the experience. They are so genuine in their drive to help others and I truly believe that this sincerity, added to the practical tools that they introduce during the workshop, are a powerful combination indeed.”

N. MacRae, Ottawa, ON

"Stephanie Forgues' Reiki classes are life altering... Coming to Stephanie of New Leaf Wellness means inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment. Her gift to each student/client is sharing her passion for health, love and light.... Taking these classes were truly life changing for me."

Kelly M, Ottawa, ON

After a 30 minute Empowerment Call:

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how helpful our chat was for me. I have been feeling wonderful. Probably the thing that you said that I took most to heart was that I was talking with a lot of "buts". There were several things about my business that I was feeling very "butty" about (for lack of a better word). I got rid of that thinking and have decided to do 2 things business wise that I had been sitting on the fence for for quite a while. I also feel that I have been thinking more positively about things and putting that positive spirit out into the world. As a result, a few new opportunities have come my way in the last 2 weeks. I believe that these things would not have happened unless I had altered my way of thinking. I also continue to be successful with my weight loss and I feel that keep my journal has helped with that, as well as just being kind to myself and putting great food into my body. I am still struggling a bit with getting to bed in good time and have to continue working on that, but overall, I am feeling very well. 

Thank you for listening and taking that time for me. I ended up sharing some of this with a couple of my friends and they felt inspired by the information too. I have directed them to your page for more ideas. I am very thankful for you! Thanks for putting me on the right path and giving me the kick start that I needed.


After a New Leaf Wellness Retreat: 

“Thank you for another transformational day!”

"Thank you so much Stephanie for organizing and inviting me to be part of such a wonderful event. The energy at the retreat was so calming and peaceful, such a lovely experience. All I could feel were good vibes from the moment I walked in the door It was so nice meeting all of you and getting to know you in the short time I was there."

"Thank you Stephanie for an awesome retreat. My mother, sister and I felt so rejuvenated, happy and peaceful after our amazing treatments, great healthy food, lovely venue and perfect weather. Thank you to you and your Retreat Team for the incredible services. Many, many thanks.

Various Retreat Guests

After a Healthy Shopper Grocery Store Tour: 

“Since we met in May of this year I have lost 18 pounds. I just would like to say thank-you for giving me the tools to a healthier lifestyle. You've really opened my eyes to the goods around me. It has been a struggle but I work hard at it everyday, thanks to you..”

Amanda W, Brockville, ON

“I learned a lot and have been very mindful of what I eat since the tour. I am excited to go grocery shopping this weekend and start trying new healthier foods.”

Janet M, Ottawa, ON

After an Addiction Clearing Session: 

"Thank You New Life Wellness. You successfully removed my addiction. It's been over a week and I have no cravings for refined sugars. Every now and then I think about them, or look at the Easter eggs on my mantle, and I can feel my brain mentally push them away. I have none of the withdrawal symptoms that I usually get when I give up sugar and it's been effortless. Thanks to the psychic surgery I finally feel like I have control over WHAT I put in my body. I may need to book another session to establish some control over HOW MUCH of the good stuff that I'm eating though because I can't get enough of these veggie-pulp seedy cookies. Mmmmm. Then my weight loss goals will be easily within reach. Thank You so much!!!"

Julia S, Napanee, ON

After the KIDS INNER WELLNESS Workshop:

"What an amazing event!! My daughter is still vibrating with enthusiasm and is so happy that she was able to attend! She can’t wait for the next one. :) Such a positive and uplifting experience. This is what our children should be taught in school, Kids inner wellness should be taught in every school every year from day one!
Thank you so much Stephanie, the tools your are teaching my daughter are helping to build the foundation that will help her become a strong, balanced, compassionate and healthy minded person now and as an adult in the future."

Reggie M, Ottawa, ON

After Intuitive Reiki Sessions: 

The day I met Stephanie Forgues at my first Reiki session, the way I saw my place in the world began to shift. Through released blocked energies and heightened self-awareness I feel more centered and focussed in my life. The past two years of Intuitive Reiki sessions with Stephanie have been a pivotal aspect in my growth. Stephanie's positive energy and optimistic outlook provide the right ingredients for an amazing session. I now stand in my place in the world where I feel empowered to follow my dreams and to walk in my truth. Thank you Stephanie

Victoria G, Brockville, ON

"Thanks for seeing me yesterday. You are certainly a bright light! I wanted you to know that I think you are one talented lady in your chosen profession. Your healing ability through reiki coupled with your psychic ability have left me processing the session with shivers! I will be a testimonial anytime. Thanks again Stephanie."

Cheryl M, Brockville, ON

After Hosting a Retreat @ Home Party: 

"I was blissfully pampered by your team and it was amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in visiting with good friends for a day of pampering.  There was lots of really good energy in the house. How could there not be?? We were all getting pampered :) Thank you for coming I will be doing it again."

Lynda F, Arnprior, ON

“I hosted an Escape Day for 10 friends. All of my guests commented on the high quality treatments from the Escape Day professionals. In addition to the restorative benefits of the professional treatments, the day was an excellent way to reconnect with old friends in a relaxed setting. Among my guests were a college student, busy professionals, new mothers and seasoned ‘hockey-moms’. All of these individuals loved having the opportunity to forget about their daily concerns and to focus on taking care of themselves and enjoying the company of friends.”

Julie F, Ottawa, ON.

Working with New Leaf Wellness:

"Working with Stephanie of New Leaf Wellness, I see her inspire those around her to rise when they have fallen, love again when they are lost, and I see her heal broken spirits and leave them dancing with joy. With her Intuitive gift, healing hands and inspiring voice, Stephanie breathes life into all around her."

Kelly McGuire, McGuire Hypnosis, Ottawa, ON


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