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Brockville & Perth & Ottawa sessions available!

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PERTH:  Dec 11
Contact Chiropractic Care & Longevity Centre to book your sessions with me: 613-264-0616

BROCKVILLE daytime availability is flexible - upon request.  Thursday evening appointments available.

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Empowerment Sessions (Using Intuitive Reiki & IET) or Reflexology

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Book Launch!
"Empowered Magical Kids" - Now Available! 
Children believe in magical things, as they should! Sometimes, others may tell them that the magical things they believe in aren't real or true or don't exist or aren't possible. The purpose of this book is to provide tools for our magical kids to empower them to stay true to themselves, to keep their magic alive, to use truth and integrity to navigate through their lives in total loving consciousness. Living their authentic lives will ensure the energy of the planet flows more peacefully. This is the way to heal our world. They are here for change, that change begins now. Please enjoy this book with your children.


***Back to our original Venue:***
Soulful Artist Studio (formerly known as Thyme Again Mosaic Art Studio) 920 Stewart, Blvd Brockville

Join me for an Intuition Enhancing & Healing Guided Meditation, and empowerment as we gather around the tables to fine tune our intuitive muscles and surprise ourselves with how intuitive we really are! Practice with like minded people in a supportive cozy environment. No experience necessary, no invitation required! Just come and have fun exploring intuition.
Got some questions and need guidance or clarity? Join us for some fun Q&A.
Bring your cards if you use them, if not, we have extras.
$15 at the door.

Reiki Level One
Friday, November 20, 2017
Brockville 10am-3pm
Enhance your life and gain inner peace by learning the ancient healing art of Reiki - Reiki translates to "Universal Life Force Energy" and with it you can heal aspects of yourself, your whole being, body, mind and spirit.

Emotions are the roots of physical illness, not letting go of the old issues can help disease manifest. Peel away energy layers of past hurts and disappointments, clearing the way for you to live your life without the restrictions of fears and doubts and resentment. Take this journey for yourself.

Cost- $150 includes manual, certificate, lunch, attunement, an enlightening experience.

...You will learn how to use Reiki on yourself and others to help heal all aspects of your being. Registration is required.

Reiki Level 3 class
Nov 28th 10am-3pm Brockville

This is the class between Level 2 and Master/Teacher. Must have Level 2 certification to take this class.

If you have learned Reiki levels one and two and wish to continue your training, amplify your healing energy, and further cleanse your chakras - I invite you to experience the Reiki 3 class and third attunement.

In this class you will learn how to do psychic surgery, how to use crystals for healing and much more. This is the last level before Reiki Master/Teacher training.

Looking forward to sharing another exciting reiki experience with you.  Please forward this info to anyone you know that has level 2 and would be interested.

-Registration is required.
-Cost $350 includes snacks, manual, certification, third attunement.