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How to help someone that's not physically near you - By Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

Often we hear of people that need our help, or we have a desire to help them but we can't be with them or we don't know how we could possibly help from our position.  But we want to help, we really do.  This can apply to many different situations.  A teacher wishing to help a child's home life, a friend aware of an abusive relationship, having a parent that is ill and in a doctor's care...the types of situations are endless.  We are all filled with love and compassion.  We don't have to be helpless.  We CAN be of assistance, even if we can't physically be there to do it. 


We send LOVE.  We tend to feel sad and fearful when we hear of something not so great happening in someone's life.  They're sick, we worry, they're not being taken care of, and we feel anger and sadness.  These emotions are natural, but not all that helpful.  We have this powerful helpful healing energy in us called LOVE.  When we sit quietly focused on someone, we can set an intention to send healing energy.  And it’s so powerful!  It's quite simple, and something I do all the time. 

Here are some simple steps to sending healing.

1) Close your eyes and picture them in your mind

2) Imagine them filled with white healing light, start with a little white light in their belly and let it grow, filling them completely and even extending out like an aura all around them. 

3) Keep your thoughts positive.  Assume, Visualize, Intend pure health, pure love, pure happiness, whatever it is you feel they need help with – imagine this without any inkling of trauma, illness, nothing negative whatsoever.  Keep your thoughts positive, this packs the most punch in wellness.  Intention is key, we intend to send love, and it goes. 

The opposite sentiment is fear.  We are doing them a great disservice is we sit and worry about them. 

4) Feel free to invite angels, I never work alone, always calling in backup from Source, Creator, Divinity, God, whatever you want to call it.  When you ask, help arrives.  Ask and you shall receive, remember?!

If you see any darkness when visualizing this white healing light filling your person, simply ask the light to cleanse it away. 

5) Express Gratitude.  Thank the love (Universal Life Force Energy, Creator, Divinity, God, Angels, etc) for filling your person or situation and be thankful for the healing.  All is well. 

You may not physically see results, but a lot goes on behind the scenes when we’re dealing with energy.  A shift has occurred, whether you visibly see changes or not.  You have just uplifted someone, you have helped.  Thank you for doing this.  We really need more people like you, kind and loving enough to raise the vibration of this planet.  Thank you.  I am grateful that you read this, this says you care about others, you are a good person.  You are needed.  Keep up the great work Light Worker! 


Why Fruit For Dessert is a Bad Idea

By:  Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

So many dessert choices and of course, with your good intentions for a healthy lifestyle, you want to make the right one.  Fruit seems like the safe choice since it is, after all, fruit and fruit is healthy.  Here’s why fruit is actually not the ideal choice for dessert.

Fruit is designed to digest quickly.  It’s best to eat fruit on an empty stomach and on it’s own so it's got room to do it's thing.  When we eat a large meal, we have a slower digestive time as there are different combinations of foods going down the transit way all at once.  When we eat a large meal, sometimes we don’t give our digestive system enough room to digest the way it needs to.  This is one of the many reasons meals should be smaller and more frequent, rather than the typical three ‘square meals’.  These large meals make us feel full, also an indicator that there is too much in at once and not a lot of room for proper digestion.

 Allow me to paint you a little picture.  We eat our dinner.  “Here comes the food!” says the dump truck (our fork) to the pit (our stomach) down below.  Digestive juices start to flow the minute we smell our food, chew chew chew, chop chop crunch, swish, swish, organs start to move about breaking down our food and delivering the nutrients to where they need to go throughout our body.  There is a lot that goes on during this process and it takes time.

On to dessert and here comes the fruit.  Delicate little simple delicious fruit, although nourishing and well intentioned, ends up going down onto the pile of food that is taking it’s sweet time to digest. 

 Let’s go for a visual here:  Picture a slide at the park and the kid at the bottom hasn’t gotten off yet and about 3 or more kids go down, now there’s a pile up.  That last kid to go down is the ‘fruit’.  Just sitting there, he’s so tiny and fast and wants to just finish his ride down the slide but all the big kids have stopped him and slowed him down.

The fruit, wanting to just get on with it, nourish you and get out of your system is now stuck in there waiting…fermenting…now disgruntled and creating a glue inside your body.  This glue will linger long after the dinner is gone.  This glue will stay and wreak havoc inside you and stick to anything new you put in. 

Long lived the undigested proteins inside your gut.  The longer these particles stay in your body, the longer they have to invite their unfriendly gut friends to a new kind of party and you are the host.  A party of gas, bloating, allergies, and a range of other illnesses.  Sounds like a great time for them, not so great for you and your future health.

 So what do you eat for dessert, you ask?!  Well, you can let that pretty picture I’ve painted for you happen inside you, OR you can reach for a healthy piece of dark chocolate (a piece, not the whole bar!) OR you can opt for no dessert at all.  Is it really necessary?   Maybe it’s just a habit we’ve had since childhood, and habits can be broken.

 And if you do choose sweets or have a cake to share in celebration of a birthday, wedding, or whatever, choose the portion wisely and eat that following a meal.  If you eat that alone, you’re more likely to have a blood sugar spike and crash.  Eating it with other things ensures a slower breakdown of sugar.

You don’t have to cut desserts out completely, just be wise.  Choose something small, if anything, but not fruit, not for dessert.

Healing without medicine 

By: Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

 Use energy to clear away pain and disease?  Too good to be true?

It’s the way nature intended.

The medical field has its purpose, certainly if I broke a bone, I would go and use their expertise; for common aches, pains and illnesses, not a chance.  I am not knocking the Medical Profession, just opening up your awareness that medicine is NOT the only way to heal.

If you’ve ever read a book published by any Hay House Author (think Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay…) you would understand that there are very strong links to the body via our emotions and thoughts, our energy.  What we think and feel create our physical problems.

 Understand this:  Nobody intentionally wakes up in the morning and says, I am going to give myself Cancer, or Fibromyalgia, or Arthritis, or a migraine.  Nobody does that.  But consider the subconscious causes for these illnesses.  Deep resentment from the past, self criticism, anger, blame, guilt, fear, heartbreak, lack of self love, the list goes on, are meant to be acknowledged, accepted and released.  When we hold on to these emotions, they become toxic in our energies, causing our physical bodies to act up and send you a message of distress, or dis-ease.  Every physical ache and pain is your body’s way of shouting out to you to take a look at something within your mind that you’re not letting go of.


Did you have someone tell you when you were young that you weren’t good enough?  From there, came your self doubt, not validating yourself.


Were you taught that revealing your emotions publicly was unacceptable?  From there you learned to not speak up, to not speak your truth, hold it all in.

Were you abused at some point in your life?  From here you may have learned toxic fear, anger, lack of self worth and resentment.


Did you have your heart broken and never really saw the hidden gift that breakup truly was, a gift of a life lesson learned.   Have you moved on and accepted and forgiven?


If you are not fully understanding of the idea that everything happens for a reason and we learn and grow from everything bad that happens to us, you may be holding on to an energy that could cause minor or major physical symptoms.

Some symptoms speak louder than others.  Some symptoms are the wake up call that helps you turn your life around and read the right books, give you some “A-ha” moments that Oprah speaks of.  They might help you alter your way of thinking, appreciate your life, live a life of gratitude.  Taking a pill for these problems, is virtually a band aid…and band aids fall off!

Accessing the root emotional cause of the problem, will help you release it so that it actually goes away and stays away!

Don’t wait for that wake up call.  Don’t wait for illness to ‘happen to you’.  We all have the ability to release old patterns, beliefs, learn to open your heart to love yourself again, you have that power to be free of illness.  To not only live your life, but to live a life of wellness.

Any time you feel a ‘symptom’, consider what is it that you need to acknowledge, accept and release?

Feel how freeing that can be!  When suddenly your symptoms just go away.

Are you ready to let go and live life well?

 Sometimes we can’t quite pin point where something comes from because maybe it came from childhood, maybe it came from a situation from our past that we blocked from our memory because it was too painful…energy work such as Reiki addresses these by using the Practitioner’s intuitive abilities coupled with the wonderful healing power of the Reiki energy.  Oftentimes things come to the surface in a session that gives you that feeling you need to acknowledge, accept and release.  If you feel like you need help, get help…the Light Workers are there to help you through it.

So, are you ready to let go?

Fussy Eater Frenzy - How do I get nutrients into my kids?

By Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

I know it, I’ve seen it - we’ve all got a picky eater in our family. I urge you - Don’t give up!

There are several ways to introduce your kids to good quality healthy foods. Here are 10 tips to try so you can be sure your kids will “Grow up big and strong” as the old saying goes.

  1. Practice what you preach. Monkey see, monkey do. Kids look up to their parents, if their parents model healthy choices, kids will likely follow.
  2. Try try again - if it doesn’t work the first time you present it, prepare it a different way next time. Didn’t like it raw? Lightly steam it. The baked version didn’t go over so well? Try it in a soup. Doesn’t like meat? Don’t fret about their iron and protein intake - give them beans to try! Kids love to pick them up, put them in a line on their plate, and count them. Let them play with their food if it means they are trying something new and nutritious.
  3. Make it fun and get creative. Decorate their plate using the colours of their foods to make a rainbow, something you should teach them anyway. The different colours in foods all have diverse nutrients with delicious health benefits their growing bodies crave.
  4. Expect that they will like it. If mom or dad is sending something in the direction of a picky eater’s mouth and their faces are cringing with anticipation that it will be rejected, they likely will tighten their lips before it gets in. Smile and make ‘yum’ sounds while you eat it, then try it on them.
  5. Share enthusiasm about making healthy food choices. Let them hear you talking about new foods you’ve tried or how certain foods make you feel.
  6. Make it available. Use a small chunk of Sunday afternoon to wash and chop fresh fruits and vegetables (kids can help with some aspects of this job). Dust off that veggie tray you reserve for potlucks and bridal showers, and fill it up. This gives them easy access to healthy snacks throughout the week. A kid will likely never come home from school and peel and chop a handful of carrots. Have it handy and see what happens!
  7. Little dippers - veggies are more appealing to kids when they can be dipped - again this is making it more fun, right?! Make or buy healthy dips to get that added boost of nutrients. Try hummus, guacamole, bean dips, or nut butters.
  8. Let them choose some of the produce at the grocery store - or coming soon, the local farmer’s market! If they are part of the decision process, it may tweak some interest as to what these new foods taste like.
  9. Make health a family affair, talk openly about why we eat healthy food. I think the saying ‘You will grow big and strong’ is old school, and they’re just not buying it anymore, try something new such as “this food is good for your brain and will help you learn and focus at school, or be faster in sports, or makes your hair super shiny, or this is a food that has nutrients to put you in a good mood when you feel grumpy” - again, be creative here. It’s your child; you know best what works for them.
  10. Don’t force it. Encourage them to try new things but if they really don’t like it, ease up on them and give them credit, what’s most important is that they tried it and at least some got into them. If you force them to eat things they don’t like, they may develop food issues as they grow into adults, which could lead to weight problems or other emotional problems. Keep food experiences as positive as possible.

Now go prep some healthy snacks and get your family excited about making healthy choices to ensure you all live life well.

Leap Into Spring With Renewed Energy

By Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

Spring is in the air, a time for cleansing, energizing, and moving forward, a time to enjoy more sunshine and a time to tweak that soggy attitude that may have developed over the cold winter months.

If the warmer weather and the longer days of sunshine aren’t enough to get you moving outside, use these foods to kick start your energy and get active!

Get to know the good carbs - Complex carbohydrates give you sustained energy to get you through your day free of afternoon slumps. Try varieties of whole grains such as spelt, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, oats, and rice. Also energizing with plenty of nutrients are potatoes and carrots.

Abandon the refined sugars that are stripped of their original nutrient structure. These health robbers actually give you a short burst of energy but then send you crashing soon after causing a vicious cycle of sugar dependence and health problems if you’re not careful.

Familiarize yourself with the legume family, also amazing healthful sources of complex carbohydrates- so many to choose from and they are all so versatile. The possibilities are endless when it comes to chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, and the vast array of other beans that come in dry form or canned. You can make dips, spreads, soups, stews, salads, or simply throw them into a wrap surrounded by veggies!

Speaking of vegetables, eat more of these, fruits too, to get the fibre your body needs to improve your digestion, since a sluggish digestive process can make you feel slow and lazy, get things moving on the inside to get you moving outside!

An apple actually has the same effect at perking you up in the morning as a cup of coffee does, but with far more health benefits! So crunch happily while you clear away the grogginess.

Perk up with water! You can be dehydrated before you even feel thirsty. Your body tells you to drink water in ways you may not notice. Some signs are that you feel listless, dull, or have a headache. Be sure to drink drink drink.

There’s nothing better than a power walk to refresh you through the day - the benefits of this I can list for pages and pages but here are just a few:

  • It’s an aerobic activity that will get your heart pumping, and that’s vital!
  • Breathing fresh air is much better for you than sitting in a stuffy building all day
  • Sunshine helps your body manufacture the &slquo;happy vitamin’, Vitamin D
  • Walking is a great way to connect with friends or family
  • You will burn more calories and have more effective weight loss when you speed it up a notch
  • Clears your mind so you can think smarter and be more productive
  • Enhances your digestive process to get toxins moving out

March is National Nutrition month, but of course I think it’s a great idea to celebrate nutrition every day!

Nutrition is the pedestal in support of a healthy lifestyle, without proper nutrition, we can’t fully live life well.

Build Immunity This Cold and Flu Season

By Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

Winter is here and so is the dreaded cold and flu season. Don’t surrender to it, arm yourself from it!

A healthy immune system will usually resist a cold and flu with ease; however, several factors contribute to a weakened immune system, opening the gateway to illness. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to;

Busy lifestyles, stress, lack of sleep (new parents can relate!), and not eating enough wholesome natural foods.

Protecting yourself from the common cold and flu is quite simple. There is a vast array of foods that will protect you, helping you cope with that stress, keeping you energized, and keeping your immunity up, reducing the chance of you becoming sick. Nutritionists like to call them Super Foods. And here are just a few of Mother Nature’s best!


Pomegranates - ‘Tis the season for this beautiful and mysterious fruit, it can be intimidating if you’ve never eaten one before but once you try it, you will be hooked. They are rich in Vitamin C and potassium and are loaded with a variety of antioxidants (our vital cell protectors). Don’t worry, most grocery stores provide instructions near the bins on how to access the wonderful nutrients inside.

Garlic - Small yet potent, these little white bulbs pack a huge dose of immunity. Add to a stir fry, soups, stews, or salads.

Onions - Another stinker, yes I know, but your body will thank you when it walks through winter’s wonderland without even getting a sniffle.

Ginger - Not just a cure for nausea, ginger is also a traditional treatment for cold and flu. Make tea using fresh ginger or add it to a stir fry.

When you are dealing with extra stresses, and/or lack of sleep, you are more susceptible to catching the bugs that go around; you will need even more nutrients to ensure you get that immune system boost. For some extra back-up for your immunity, try these supplements:

Echinacea - This works best when taken at the very early stages of a cold or flu, take Echinacea the minute you feel that scratch in your throat or your nose starts running.

Vitamin C - This super vitamin promotes the healing of every possible condition or ill health. Research shows that Vitamin C helps our body produce more white blood cells to fight infections. Make Vitamin C your best friend for the season. Try to buy Vitamin C containing Bioflavonoids, they help enhance the action of Vitamin C.

Vitamin B-Complex - The Bs need to be taken together in a complex formula for them to work properly. Try eating the foods containing the Bs to reduce the negative impact stress has on your body. Vitamin B can be found in whole grains, fresh vegetables, legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds.

The non-nutritive culprit when it comes to keeping you sick is SUGAR, simple sugars, the refined stuff that is in cakes, cookies, and even some sauces, as these toxins deplete the body of Vitamin C, making it easier for the sick bugs to creep into your system.

Of course, drink plenty of water, this is not news to you I’m sure! Lastly, ensure you eat a rainbow daily; try to eat assorted colors of fresh produce as they all have different life boosting nutrients to protect you.

With a little effort of eating the right foods and avoiding the bad guys, you can get through this season without a sniffle.


New Year, New Leaf, New You

By Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

Happy New Year!

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to turn over a new leaf. Most of us make promises to ourselves that we will join a gym, go on a diet, or quit a bad habit as our New Year’s resolution, but how many people actually follow through? The good intentions are there but a gym can seem daunting to someone who has never tried it before, and the membership costs might not be possible for those of us on a budget; a gym can feel intimidating with all those buff people there who ‘know what they’re doing’.

You can go on a diet but how do you know which one works? Which one will leave you feeling so restricted that even the thought of french fries makes you cringe with guilt if you give in to the temptation...even just once?

What if I told you that a lifestyle overhaul wasn’t really that difficult to achieve? What if I told you that if your body has the sufficient nutrients it requires, you can kick a bad habit such as smoking? What if I told you that knowing a few simple steps can change your life, turning you into a new improved-and-in-control-of-your-own-health well person?

It’s a fact that people who know better, do better. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or why, you will have a difficult time achieving the results you are looking for when it comes to wellness.

Many diets out there today are one dimensional, asking you to cut carbs, or cut fats, the problem there is that you are not being properly informed about what you should do and why, you aren’t being taught how to manage your ���diet’ on your own. When it comes to your health, be a leader, not a follower.

This is your body, your mind, your life, and you are in control. Knowledge is power. Learn everything you can to help you become a healthy shopper for yourself and your family, eat nutritious foods, and definitely - get active! Quality of your life is much better than just simply living.

You don’t have to leap, take baby steps; you can’t change everything in one day. Start with drinking more water and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables - if you look in a bag of fast food, you’ll notice there isn’t much brightness to what’s inside; fresh vibrant colors give you protection against disease, and energy that takes you through your day (among many other benefits!!!) Incorporating more produce into your life is simple - cut them up ahead of time and put that veggie tray to use that you usually save for parties; you’ll feel (and be!) much healthier than if you continuously slip your hand into a box of cookies or crackers.

These changes are not difficult, they may be just different. The more you concentrate on putting natural wholesome foods into your body, the better you will feel and gradually you’ll want less and less of the nutritionally void foods...try it and see! You deserve to live life well.